Refractive index of glass

Physical science laboratory 14 was a form of practical laboratory examination. I set only a question, “What is the refractive index of glass” and the students had to determine how to obtain that value.

Donnalyn and Norma

Donnalyn and Norma plot their preliminary data on a lap top.

Agnes and Merna

Agnes and Merna initially attempted to do their measurements in water for unknown reasons.

Donnalyn's computer

Donnalyn set up a linear regression line for her data (not visible on screen).

Roxie concentrating

Roxie concentrating

Potentially problematic approach

For reasons that I did not elicit, this group had a penny under a single topmost louver. I was unclear as to what they were measuring, but on the lab practical I avoid questions that might provide an advantage to any one group.

Detail of lifted penny

A close-up of the penny placement above.


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