Site Swap Laboratory

SC 130 Physical science laboratory 15 is an end-of-term exercise that attempts to expand the students’ mathematical horizons beyond the algebraic focus that permeates the earlier laboratories. Site swap mathematics provides a different mathematical model that also yield testable predictions.

The course started on a Freeman Dyson quote about the mathematical nature of the physical world. Nature obeys mathematical equations, and, in turn, those equations predict what will occur or can be done. Site swap notation provides another approach to this concept. Swapping sites provides another pattern that can be tested by juggling the new pattern. There are true site swap “equations” and false site swap equations.

334233 is a true statement. 25 is a false statement.

The laboratory also ends the term on an activity that is simply fun. Leave them laughing if possible.

After explaining site swap notation, the students get a chance to learn to juggle. Merna picks up the skill quickly.





Lisa Lollaine










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