INS Half Marathon

The INS half marathon for “2011”, delayed from 17 December, went off on 14 January 2012 under cloudy skies. Although I had done some building into the 17th of December, on the 19th I went into a week long 40 hour teacher corps workshop that dropped my running to zero. The following week included at least three Christmas sakau sessions with family and friends and zero running.

Dana outbound in Dolihner
Dana outbound in Dolihner at 4:13 P.M.

Although I was no where in the shape I wanted to be in, I took the point of view that the shame is not in failing to finish, but in failing to start. To remain on the sidelines, or the couch, when I could at least toe the line and put in some mileage, seemed the more shameful.

Dana inbound to the finish line
Dana inbound to the finish line at 6:23 P.M.

The 2012 half marathon was certainly one to remember. Instead of the tropical sun melting the runners, intense tropical downpours turned the late afternoon road into early night. Dark, wind driven rain lashing in from the north Pacific. At points I felt that if I stopped running I would become chilled.


Amidst the fierce rain, dark road conditions, low visibility, and Saturday evening traffic, I oped not to juggle from U turn-around inbound. My tennis balls were sodden and while the weight difference in small, at about 150 tosses per minutes, the small differences add up over the course of a couple hours.

First place winner Ardos
First place winner Ardos

Although my own goal was the turn-around in U, from where I could ride a truck back, I felt good enough to continue on.

Took first in zoris!
Took first in zoris!

I did pick up two juice packs at the donut shop in Nett outbound, plus I found a small bottle of Gatorade G at a container store in Nett near the U border. My own supply of Gatorade missed the truck to the U turn-around. The truck was in, but left before I realize that the truck was headed to the turn-around.

Inbound in U
Inbound in U, Photo by Zillah

Inbound I picked up two more juice packs at the donut shop in Nett. I did juggle from the Kolonia town post in. Thus the run was a DQ for joggling, but a finish for running.Where 2011 threw challenges at those closest to me, 2012 seems to be throwing challenges directly at me.

At the finish of the half marathon
At the finish of the half marathon, photo by Laurel

I finished in 2:23:30, which surprised me as that was faster than my 2:27:15 in 2010. Note that the INS half-marathon usually runs in September. This year INS proposed running the race in December. Then in December the race was delayed to 14 January 2012. Thus it has been almost a year and half since the September 2010 half. The next half is slated for September 2012.


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