Fun in February

February saw expansion of the house to a two bath, three bedroom home. The new bath is a mini-bath for the smaller members of the houses.The new bath in the house

For the hide and seek activity in physical science class this term I hid amidst Saccharum spontaneum grass.

N 06° 54.680', E 158° 09.408'
N 06° 54.680', E 158° 09.408'

My accommodations were comfortable enough.

Self-portrait in the tall grass

A birthday was celebrated in the house, although each small child may have thought that the birthday was their own.

Porch scrubbing
Porch scrubbing

Cyanobacteria grows on any available surface. Eventually cement turns into black glare ice. Scrubbing is a chore akin to raking leaves and shoveling snow – a consequence of the climate.

Scrubbing in action

Scrubbing is done with a small plastic brush referred to by a name of Japanese origin, tawasi.

Badminton partners
Badminton partners

The February badminton tournament continues with a dynamic duo second ranked at the midpoint.


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