Taken while running
Taken while running just past the Namiki turn

The 5 May COM-FSM fun run saw my son lead from the start and stretch out that lead all the way down to the causeway on a lower route run.

First place male 12 and under
First place male 12 and under

At the old one way I caught up to him, but only because he had a side stitch. We went up the hill together to the Spanish Wall water stop. I stopped to get an update from Lihno, who was manning the water stop, on the KSO trip in the upcoming week. My son used the time wisely to put a hundred meters on me.

Although I would catch up to him by Namiki, he was back to moving at my joggling pace and he finished strongly just ahead of me – the first time he has finished a 5k ahead of me.

He was often in sight just ahead of me. Seeing my son running out in front brought a real sense of joy to me. There is something about following in the footsteps of one who has always been following in your footsteps. This was a very special run.

Shrue Lee Ling, Abigail Asher Kim
Walking contingent

These walkers came in around the 60 minute mark.

First place 12 and under
First place 12 and under

A time of 33:38 earned him male 12 and under first place, I crossed the line at 33:40, with a 5k time of 34:31 with the parking lot lap added.

Father and son team
Father and son both bring home the hardware

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