Ohava, clean teeth, taekwondo, badminton, and a picnic

Ohava provided a meticulously assembled desktop unit with industry standard parts and careful attention to detail. The Ubuntu machine replaces a Nobilis that ran Windows XP.

Ohava computer
The new Ohava machine is far more powerful than its larger predecessor. The machine also does not redline its quad-core CPU when one runs JavaScript, Flash intensive sites, or video.
Teeth cleaning
This week also saw everyone get their teeth cleaned, from the youngest to the oldest.
Taekwondo continued as the summer heads for an abrupt end in mid-August.
The end of summer brought the start of the August badminton tournament. Taekwondo winds down in a week, badminton will run into September.
The last official weekend of summer brought a round island drive with a road stop picnic.
Pohnlangas picnic

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