Friends of Xavier 5k and a loss at the college

Friends of Xavier held their first annual 5k fun run and walk on Saturday morning 05 October.

Friends of Xavier 5k
Friends of Xavier 5k

A busy two weeks left me underprepared. I also altered my own route. I usually add a lap of the Palm Terrace to bring the actual distance closer to 5000 meters. The route is, and unavoidably so, roughly 4900 meters. That lap of Palm Terrace is problematic and confusing to timers and motorists, so I extended at the Spanish wall turn-around, running down to the Western Pacific Highly Migratory Fish Stocks commission – the Tuna Commission – and ran around three cement potters there. Years ago I found that this extension would also ensure a true 5k.

Three young girls walk in the Friends of Xavier 5k
Bringing up the tail end, three sixth graders

I finished in 29:56 on the upper route 5k, for now a benchmark on my new route. My son was not feeling 100%, chest cough, and followed in at 37 minutes. The girls finished in around 59 minutes.

This was a week filled with my 24 contact hours of classes this term, along with the passing of an old and dear friend of the college.

Spensin James circa 1992
Spensin James circa 1992

Spensin was instrumental in founding COM-FSM, leading the faculty-staff senate during the difficult years prior to 1993. Having begun as an instructor in the mid-1970s, he would rise to the position of the presidency of the college.

Wake service at the home of Spensin James
Wake service at the home of Spensin James

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