Running to beat my age, relaxing to enjoy my age

When I run I am sleek and strong. I feel young and no mountain is too far for my legs. Only when I get home and catch a glance at a mirror do I realize that I am 53 year old with a graying beard. Still, each new birthday brings an extra minute to get to the river and back. On a Friday evening waffled in between a health science class that ended at 3:00 and an evening program at the college, I headed to the river with three tennis balls. I managed to get out to the river and back in 48 minutes – joggling. I view that as being five years younger than 53.

Birthday party!
The youngest celebrated an odd number this fall. Being an odd number is not as bad as it was a couple of years ago.
United Nations day brought a day of rest and relaxation at Nahlahp. The weather was simply beyond awesome. This is the dream vacation that people hope for when they book a flight to a tropical island.
 A round island adventure.
Jumping into the clear waters
No beach, no problem. Turquoise clear waters.

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