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Pohnpei Sailing Club December update

The sailboat club has released a tentative calendar for December 2012 into February 2013. 
Date Time Coach Theme
01 Dec 1300 – 1600 Umezu, Kazuo Sailing exercise
08 Dec 1000 – 1200 Umezu, Kazuo Sailing exercise monthly race 5 races
08 Dec 1300 – 1500 South Park Christmas Party. $15 adult. Juniors free.
15 Dec No sailing
22 Dec No sailing
29 Dec No sailing
05 Jan No sailing
12 Jan 1200 – 1600 Umezu, Kazuo New Year’s Cup
19 Jan 1200 – 1600 Umezu, Kazuo New Year’s Cup
26 Jan 1300 – 1600 Umezu, Kazuo Sailing exercise
02 Feb 1300 – 1600 Umezu, Ichihara Sailing exercise
09 Feb No sailing
16 Feb 1300 – 1600 Umezu, Ichihara Sailing exercise
23 Feb 1300 – 1600 Umezu, Ichihara Monthly race 4 races

After a November hiatus, the Topper sailboats are back on the water. Sailing was delayed as repairs were made to the boats. The pulleys (blocks) that ride on the rope horse at the transom and connect to the mainsheet to the rope horse had been removed. The rope horses had been sliced and the blocks taken. A month of no sailing and the hulls must have appeared to be abandoned.

Cut rope horse on Topper sailboat
Coach Kazuo worked on a fix looping the mainsheet around the rope horse.
Repairing the cut rope horse on the Pohnpei Topper sailboats
After repairing the boats the crews sailed out and around a mangrove island up towards Danpei.
Topper sailboats on Sokehs lagoon
The lack of a block on the rope horse would generate problems on the second trip up to the mangrove island. Three Toppers would capsize, which is not a problem for the experienced young watermen and waterwomen of the club. The complication was that a boom gave way and one Topper had to be towed home. The Toppers have seen some hard use and a lack of readily available parts to maintain the fleet remains an issue.
Skipper and assistant on the water
Bringing the Topper back into dock after having been the only boat that did not capsize rounding the mangove island, his assistant as dry as she was when she left the dock.
Skipper brings the crew home dry

Leo Etcheit Foundation 5k

The first annual Leo Etscheit Foundation anniversary 5k walk/run launched on 01 December 2012. The route was a new on Pohnpei. The run started from the movie theater and Ace Commercial complex, ran out to the national police headquarters at Deketik and then back to Ace Commercial.

Leo Etsheit Foundation 5k participants
After the run public health offered blood pressure and blood sugar measurements. I am interested in where my numbers are immediately after a run. This Saturday I was not running as well as I had on prior Saturdays. Sakau on Wednesday evening and the Wapar to Kolonia white ribbon event a week earlier had my muscles neither recovered nor fully responsive. Sakau has lingering muscular fatigue that I only notice when running. Running post-sakau takes more perceived effort. I wanted to see if this might also be reflected in other medical metrics. A run in November was preceded by a relatively sakau-free period of time. I started with a blood pressure of 110/60. Upon finishing I notched a 140/90. 
For the Leo Etscheit Foundation run I did not have pre-run numbers, but I did get post-run numbers.
Electronic blood pressure readings
A 148/125 suggests that my system was more stressed by the run today. My perceived effort was also higher, although my time of just over 30 minutes indicates that I was running a slower overall pace than the Micare run in November. My heart rate immediately post run seems reasonable to me.
A random blood sugar test of 5.6 mmol/L, or 100 mg/dl, a number that is does not make me particularly happy but then it is not a fasting blood sugar. And I have no idea what happens to blood sugar, or should happen to blood sugar, when running for five kilometers, but on line data indicates that glucose levels rise as the body releases glucose to power muscles during exercise.
blood sugar reading
While I am keenly aware that I am a statistic of one – a runner who juggles while running and who occasionally consumes sakau en Pohnpei (Piper methysticum root, a source of kavalactones. Known as kava in Polynesia) – sakau appears to have a negative impact on aerobic fitness beyond the 24 hour “oan sakau” hangover. In addition, aerobic exercise post-sakau may put additional stress and strain on the body including blood pressure elevated above that seen during exercise without the influence of the kavalactones.
Dana Lee Ling and Geof Hart-Davies
One other note on this run – for the first time in three years someone discovered that I was over 50 and thus counted in as a masters runner. I have managed to stay under the radar for three years, few realizing that I was over 50 although I have always put my correct age on my registration forms. I preferred to stay under the radar as this allowed other men to pick up the masters award. I run because I like to run – winning has never been a motivating factor for me. I am not fast, but on Pohnpei there are few men over 50 who run, so on any given run the few of us who do run are in a good position to win. Maybe I can ask to be classified in with the 40 year olds, let some of my running friends enjoy the podium finishes.