Kosrae Christmas Toeni 2012

The following is functionally an index to images from the toeni Christmas in Kosrae.
5545-5756 Journey to Kosrae 21 Dec, Lelu church dedication (kihsac) 22 Dec.
5757-5963 Shrue arrives, toeni marching at Lelu church on 25 Dec. Malem and Seattle.

Dana Lee Ling assembles with Pohnpei
Pohnpei marching group assembles

5964-6177 Toeni marching Lelu. Pohnpei, Utwe, Honolulu, Guam, Sacramento, Tafunsak, Kona, Ebeye, Walung, Lelu. Takumi George family home 26 Dec.
6178-6401 Takumi George family home. Malem church Christmas marching 27 Dec Walunge, Midtown.
6402-6611 Malem Christmas marching 27 Dec Yatta. Piyuul morning reef walk. Alice Charley Augustus Tara funeral 28 Dec.
6612-6828  Alice Charley Augustus Tara funeral 28 Dec. Klava Klavasru close of funeral. High tide swim Piyuul 29 Dec. Tofol images through 02 Jan.
6830-7068 KVR barbecue 02 Jan. Etawi srisrik 03 Jan. Lelu ruins visit 04 Jan. Departure 05 Jan.

With deletions image count is roughly 1404.


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