Pohnpei Sailing Club Picnic

On Saturday 20 April the Pohnpei sailing club went for a picnic sail.

Pohnpei sailing club picnic
Dr. Ishikawa packed in South Park special lunches for the sailors. Two members load the zodiac with the lunches. As always, the lessons and lunches were provided free of charge, in this case through the generosity of Dr. Ishikawa.
Pohnpei sailing club picnic
My daughter rides along with a young skipper.
Pohnpei sailing club picnic
A switch has Dr. Ishikawa providing one-on-one instruction to my daughter as they sail up Sokeh’s harbor.
Pohnpei sailing club picnic
I paddled a one man kayak up the harbor. With no draft, I was free to cross the shallowest parts of the harbor and enjoy views such as the above. Hard to believe that the coast in front of me is one of the most densely populated coasts on Pohnpei. 
Pohnpei sailing club picnic
A tuna net boat with a helicopter atop.
Pohnpei sailing club picnic
The Judibana called Las Vegas, NV, as its home port. Seriously. 
Pohnpei sailing club picnic
After arriving at Misko, Dr. Ishikawa produced a brand new football which led to a quick pick-up soccer match. The young sailor on the left showed knowledgeable dribbling form. I asked and she said that “Bob” had taught her to play.
Pohnpei sailing club picnic
One of the young guns who is not skipper rated strayed too far from Misko. When the wind off the open Pacific caught his sail, his boat was driven mercilessy onto a coral berm across the lagoon. I paddled over to assist Dr. Ishikawa in his effort to retrieve the boat and sailor.
Pohnpei sailing club picnic
Basketball with a football.
De plane! De plane!
United arrives from Kosrae.
Pohnpei sailing club picnic
I was ferried back from Misko by my daughter. One hand on the main sheet, one on the tiller. Skipper class. I knew from too many years of watching Deadliest Catch that my job as a green horn was to take orders.
Eyes on the horizon, a superb captain.
Pohnpei sailing club picnic
Boat dissassembly back at the dock.
Pohnpei sailing club picnic
Putting up the sails. 
The picnic was a great success and a wonderful journey. The young skippers and their mates had sailed to a destination and then brought their ships and crews home safely.

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