Early summer 13 activities

Summer opened with a swimming meet at the recently refurbished state, if not also national, swimming pool.

Swim meet
Warming up prior to the meet.
Practicing her race start
Swimming may be the ideal sport for the heat and humidity of Pohnpei. One can sit around pool side looking relaxed, fit, and tan, without winding up coated in sweat.
Pool side looking like southern California
Second from camera, my son gets a good start.
Swim race start
Looking good along the bay front at a wedding reception for a wedding that did not occur.
Looking good along the bay front
There exists a new generation that is born ready to throw a profile picture pose, fingers ever ready for a camera.
FaceBook profile ready generation
My children also gained a second mother in June, a coach who has raised and trained Olympians. My children have the best mothers.
Sweeter Daniel
Sailing continued, but often minus my two as Saturday activities knocked them out of sailing.
Kapinga sailors
Seen on the dock
Children in the corn may be found in Iowa, here children in the jungle.
Children in the jungle
Malem Move-Out day races on 08 June were a chance to test swimming-built muscles on dry land.
Akadon races
A tug-o-war.
On the left is Fearless. She was the first to swing across the monkey bars via the rungs. And the fastest. Just as when she jumps into the deep blue sea, she has no fear. She simply commits and goes.
Fearless on the monkey bars
Playgrounds are fun, and children remind us to have fun in simple stretching and working of our muscles.
Poise and balance
In the Olympic day 5k I crossed the 4.9k line at 28:02, with an under 29 5k, 28:43 or thereabouts.
Olympic Day 5k
My son tired early, walked a portion, and came in at 42 minutes.

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