Information age based generations

Just yesterday a friend and I were noting that another friend simply never checks email when off-island. In my mind I realized I thought of the friend as being of an older generation than the friend belongs to biologically. I realized I no longer think in terms of generations by age but rather by cyber-information handling habits.

Old system age based generations (which may vary with source, this is only my take on generation names)

  • Baby boomers
  • Generation X
  • Millenials

New system information age based generations

  • Generally do not monitor email during vacations and do not comfortably use social media. Use email at work only because that is a core communication system in their work place.
  • Monitor email regularly during vacations but do not comfortably use social media. Email is first checked and can be their only check. 
  • Social media is first checked on a daily basis whether or not on vacation, email is monitored but can be a once a week check or less often when on vacation. Tend to also post information and photos to social media while on vacation. When really busy at work, email checks are dropped before social media checks.

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